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Bird species in Thailand

Species of Thailand

Bird species in Thailand

Please note that some of the species listed below may be extinct or no longer found in Thailand.

The range maps for the species listed below may not be accurate nor complete. Our work is not pure scientific but we try to verify the data we collect with top experts as much we can.

Birds (Class: Aves)

Total 1071 species

Ducks, geese, and waterfowl (Family: Anatidae)
Pheasants, grouse, and allies (Family: Phasianidae)
Grebes (Family: Podicipedidae)
Pigeons and doves (Family: Columbidae)
Cuckoos (Family: Cuculidae)
Frogmouths (Family: Podargidae)
Nightjars and allies (Family: Caprimulgidae)
Swifts (Family: Apodidae)
Treeswifts (Family: Hemiprocnidae)
Rails, gallinules, and coots (Family: Rallidae)
Finfoots (Family: Heliornithidae)
Cranes (Family: Gruidae)
Thick-knees (Family: Burhinidae)
Stilts and avocets (Family: Recurvirostridae)
Oystercatchers (Family: Haematopodidae)
Plovers and lapwings (Family: Charadriidae)
Painted-snipes (Family: Rostratulidae)
Jacanas (Family: Jacanidae)
Sandpipers and allies (Family: Scolopacidae)
Buttonquails (Family: Turnicidae)
Crab-plovers (Family: Dromadidae)
Pratincoles and coursers (Family: Glareolidae)
Skuas and jaegers (Family: Stercorariidae)
Gulls, terns, and skimmers (Family: Laridae, Sternidae)
Tropicbirds (Family: Phaethontidae)
Albatrosses (Family: Diomedidae)
Storm-petrels (Family: Hydrobatidae)
Shearwaters and petrels (Family: Procellariidae)
Storks (Family: Ciconiidae)
Frigatebirds (Family: Fregatidae)
Boobies and gannets (Family: Sulidae)
Anhingas (Family: Anhingidae)
Cormorants and shags (Family: Phalacrocoracidae)
Pelicans (Family: Pelecanidae)
Herons, egrets, and bitterns (Family: Ardeidae)
Ibises and spoonbills (Family: Threskiornithidae)
Ospreys (Family: Pandionidae)
Hawks, eagles, and kites (Family: Accipitridae)
Barn-owls (Family: Tytonidae)
Owls (Family: Strigidae)
Trogons (Family: Trogonidae)
Hoopoes (Family: Upupidae)
Hornbills (Family: Bucerotidae)
Kingfishers, Tree kingfishers (Family: Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae, Cerylidae)
Bee-eaters (Family: Meropidae)
Rollers (Family: Coraciidae)
Barbets (Family: Megalaimidae, Ramphastidae)
Honeyguides (Family: Indicatoridae)
Woodpeckers (Family: Picidae)
Falcons and caracaras (Family: Falconidae)
Parrots (Family: Psittacidae, Psittaculidae)
Broadbills (Family: Calyptomenidae, Eurylaimidae)
Pittas (Family: Pittidae)
Thornbills and allies (Family: Acanthizidae)
Cuckooshrikes and allies (Family: Campephagidae)
Vireos, shrike-babblers and erpornis (Family: Vireonidae)
Whistlers and allies (Family: Pachycephalidae)
Old World orioles (Family: Oriolidae)
Woodswallows, bellmagpies and allies (Family: Artamidae)
Vangas, helmetshrikes, and allies (Family: Vangidae)
Ioras (Family: Aegithinidae)
Fantails (Family: Rhipiduridae)
Drongos (Family: Dicruridae)
Monarch flycatchers (Family: Monarchidae)
Crested shrikejay (Family: Platylophidae)
Shrikes (Family: Laniidae)
Crows, jays and magpies (Family: Corvidae)
Rail-babbler (Family: Eupetidae)
Fairy flycatchers (Family: Stenostiridae)
Tits (Family: Paridae)
Larks (Family: Alaudidae)
Cisticolas and allies (Family: Cisticolidae)
Reed warblers and allies (Family: Acrocephalidae)
Grassbirds and allies (Family: Locustellidae)
Cupwings (Family: Pnoepygidae)
Swallows and martins (Family: Hirundinidae)
Bulbuls (Family: Pycnonotidae)
Leaf warblers (Family: Phylloscopidae)
Bush warblers and allies (Family: Cettiidae, Scotocercidae)
Long-tailed tits (Family: Aegithalidae)
Sylviid warblers, parrotbills, and allies (Family: Sylviidae, Paradoxornithidae)
White-eyes, yuhinas and allies (Family: Zosteropidae)
Tree-babblers, scimitar-babblers and allies (Family: Timaliidae)
Ground babblers and allies (Family: Pellorneidae)
Alcippe fulvettas (Family: Alcippeidae)
Laughingthrushes and allies (Family: Leiothrichidae)
Wallcreeper (Family: Tichodromidae)
Nuthatches (Family: Sittidae)
Treecreepers (Family: Certhiidae)
Spotted elachuras (Family: Elachuridae)
Dippers (Family: Cinclidae)
Starlings (Family: Sturnidae)
Thrushes and allies (Family: Turdidae)
Old World flycatchers (Family: Muscicapidae)
Flowerpeckers (Family: Dicaeidae)
Sunbirds and spiderhunters (Family: Nectariniidae)
Fairy-bluebirds (Family: Irenidae)
Leafbirds (Family: Chloropseidae)
Weavers and allies (Family: Ploceidae)
Waxbills and allies (Family: Estrildidae)
Old World sparrows (Family: Passeridae)
Wagtails and pipits (Family: Motacillidae)
Finches, euphonias and allie (Family: Fringillidae)
Longspurs (Family: Calcariidae)
Old World buntings (Family: Emberizidae)