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Bangkok - Khao Yai | 2D/1N DIY taxi tour

About our taxi services

With our full day taxi services it is possible to visit a number of attractions north of Khao Yai National Park. The attractions to visit must be agreed in advance so that we can inform you of a crystal clear quote.

Our regular taxis are MPVs for up to 4 people, minivans are for bigger groups up to 5-10 people, all depending on the amount of luggage. All our cars are spacious, with a/c and comfortable.

Our taxi services are private means no others will join you.

How to book with us?

Simply by sending an enquiry by following the “enquiry” button further below. You can ask as many questions you like through the enquiry system, we will answer all. If you are happy with our answers, you can decide to book.

Sending an enquiry doesn’t mean a commitment to booking. We answer all questions for free even if not booked.

Service hours

On the first day our driver will meet you earliest at 6 am in your Bangkok hotel’s lobby, at the airport meeting points or other agreed location. When necessary, our driver will hold a name plate with your name on at the meeting points.

On the second day, our driver will meet you at 9 am in your Khao Yai hotel’s lobby.

No matter how early/late the service starts in the morning, the taxi service will be until 6 pm at the attractions with a dinner time until 7 pm. After that, you will be returned to your hotel in Khao Yai or Bangkok, included in the price.

The included dinner time until 7 pm can be used to visit Pak Chong Night Market if time allows. If the night market visit continues after 7 pm, additional hourly charges will apply per starting hour.

Our driver will meet you at your hotel's lobby, airports or other agreed location

Copyright Thai National Parks

Our driver will meet you at your hotel's lobby, airports or other agreed location
Our MPVs are spacious and comfortable

Copyright Thai National Parks

Our MPVs are spacious and comfortable

2D/1N with 2 full days planning

Below is a planning for 2 full days (Option #2 above). The first or the second day can be only one way service between Bangkok and Khao Yai if you like, meaning no visiting of attractions.

The itinerary is just a suggestion. You are free to decide how rushed/relaxed your planning should be, you are free to include other places in the area.

Whether you will be able to visit all listed attractions or not will depend on how much time you will spend at each attraction. Our driver will always be waiting at the car park of the attractions and drive you to the next one when you are ready. For this reason, we will not suggest any hourly based planning.



During a few winter months it may be possible to see sunflower blooming around Khao Yai

Copyright Thai National Parks

During a few winter months it may be possible to see sunflower blooming around Khao Yai


The quotes shown further below are per taxi (not per person) and include fuel, eventual tollway fees. No tips needed, there won't be any hidden costs on top of what we agree in advance.

Our full day taxi services include pickup/drop off from/to Bangkok.

Additional charges apply if;

2 days, 1 night Khao Yai taxi tour

Type of car Pax Option #1 Option #2
MPV 1-4 5,800 THB 7,000 THB
Minivan 5-9 (10?) 7,700 THB 8,400 THB

Option #1: The first or the second day is an one way transfer, the other day is a full day service

Option #2: Both days are full day services


  • Fuel, eventual tollway fees, eventual parking fees
  • Driver's meals & entrance fees
  • Visiting any other attractions nearby the ones listed above, but to be confirmed with us before the trip
  • Drop off at hotel after 6 or 7 pm (drive back time to hotel included)

Not included

  • Accommodation
  • Your personal expenses such as eventual entrance fee or tour costs at the attractions
  • Meals, refreshments

Reviews from our guests

Rated 4.77/5 based on 132 customer reviews

By: | posted Fri 12 Apr, 2024

5/5 stars

Enjoy my trip

By: | posted Wed 3 Apr, 2024

5/5 stars

Booking process very smooth.

Very quick response on all queries.

Friendly and helpful driver.

By: | posted Fri 19 Jan, 2024

5/5 stars

This was my first time to book private driver service during travelling. The experience was really awesome and perfect, we were enjoy it also i will recommend to our friends with your kind service during my whole 2N1D trip. Thank you for driver, Smokid and your team give us the great taxi sevice.

By: | posted Wed 16 Aug, 2023

5/5 stars

It's absolutely great. Our guide, Apple gave us one of our most memorable adventure in a lifetime. Really appreciated.

By: | posted Mon 17 Jul, 2023

5/5 stars

Very nice trip

By: | posted Sun 8 Jan, 2023

4/5 stars

Thank you very much for the trip. It was very enjoyable. The driver had vast knowledge of the area and was very helpful.

We would definitely recommend your taxi service.

By: | posted Fri 30 Dec, 2022

5/5 stars

Great experience. We had a lovely time. Strongly recommend for this service.

By: | posted Sun 13 Nov, 2022

5/5 stars

Very good services. The driver is very friendly and flexible.

thanks for your best service.

By: | posted Thu 21 Jul, 2022

4/5 stars

Very good service!

Quick response for every single message and great advice for planning my trip.

The driver was also very friendly and helpful. I was planning to go to the park on Sunday but the driver recommended me to change plan going to park on Monday as he could predict crowd on Sunday, and it worked very well.

The restaurant we were planning was closed during that period, but the driver immediately find alternative place and we liked it a lot.

However I can still think that planner could have predict these things while planning, we ended up changing our clothes in a toilet at a hotel for this plan change. Another -1 point is the payment for the deposit, you only accept PayPal and as i have only foreign account and the exchange rate bothered me while I have enough THB.

Anyway the overall trip I was very satisfied and I’d recommend my foreign friends if they are looking for similar service.

Thank you very much.

> Tour operator's response

Thanks for your feedback. :)

We are only offering taxi service, not guided tour. We can't do day-to-day opening check for attractions/restaurants our guests want to visit, particularly one which is not in our suggested attraction list. Since the country re-opened, many points of interest in Khao Yai have a bit sporadic opening times, out of our control. But like you said, our drivers tends to help getting to equally interesting restaurants/cafes or other attractions if a place is closed.

Regarding your need to change cloth and expectation; I really don't understand what we could have planned or done better. We always ask our drivers to take our guests to spots we agree between, that's what we have done, you didn't mention to us a such need. :(

PayPal is our only payment gateway. Around 97-99% of credit/debit cards accepted, even without any need to create account. I am sorry you had issues paying on your first attempt.

Glad to hear you had a good time despite these issues you mentioned.

By: | posted Tue 4 Jan, 2022

5/5 stars

Nice drivers and good cars