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Marine species in Thailand

Species of Thailand

Marine species in Thailand

Please note that some of the species listed below may be extinct or no longer found in Thailand.

The range maps for the species listed below may not be accurate nor complete. Our work is not pure scientific but we try to verify the data we collect with top experts as much we can.

Marine species

Total 91 species

Galean sharks
Carpet sharks (Order: Orectolobiformes)
Ground sharks (Order: Carcharhiniformes)
Stingrays and relatives (Order: Myliobatiformes)
Skates and guitarfishes (Order: Rajiformes)
Ray-finned fishes
Filefishes and pufferfish
Mail-cheeked fishes
Perch-like fishes
Sticklebacks, Seahorses and relatives
Tunas and relatives
Seahorses, Pipefishes and relatives