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Please note that Thai National Parks website is NOT an official goverment website of the Department of National Parks. It is a private initiative to share as much knowledge as possible about the wildlife conservation areas with its visitors.

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If you want to make a booking or have a question about guided tours, please send an enquiry through the tour pages. The tour pages can be find on the main navigation at the top of this page ("Tours"). By doing so, your enquiry will be sent to a local tour operator and they will be able to answer. This contact-us page is for editorial use and other questions only.

Please send an enquiry from the relevant taxi details page, this contact-us form is for editorial usage only

We don't arrange any accommodations, tents or hotels

To check the availability or book accommodations in a national park, please check DNP website. For English content on their website, click the 3rd navigation element (in Thai) from upper-right at the very top of the page. DNP website is not well structured, it is easier to use Google to find the relevant pages there. For instance, to find information about accommodations in Erawan National Park, search "DNP Erawan accommodations" on Google.

For tents, we have put all the information we know on our website, please navigate to the limited national parks pages we have and see if you can find details there. If the information is not sufficient, please try contact DNP for more details.

Please check our website

Please browse to the park page from the main navigation (Protected areas) and see if you can find the answer to your question there. Most of parks listed on our website has several sections such as "attractions and maps", "get there", "guided tours" etc, the information you are after may be a click away.

We are adding new information about parks as we visit them. In most cases, if you can't find the answer to your question on our website, that is simply because we don't have an answer about it yet.

This website is run by volunteers, it is a time-consuming task to reply big amount emails we are getting.

Please navigate to "get there" section of concerned national park

If we don't have the necessary information about how to get to a certain park, this means we don't know how to get there.

We normally get to the parks with our own cars, the reason we don't know about alternative ways to get there. Our website is relatively new, we are collecting information as we travel and hoping to improve the get-there sections in near future.

If you found a way to get there, we would appreciate if you could share the information with us.

Please contact DNP

As stated above, we have no links to the officials. Please contact DNP for more info. Their website is (For English content on their website, click the 3rd navigation element (in Thai) from upper-right at the very top of the page.)

We are not offering those packages until further notice

As stated on the package pages, we are not offering those packages until further notice. Please google and find alternative tour operators that offers a trip there.

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