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3-days wildlife tour in Khao Yai

A 3-day tour in Khao Yai national park is a great way to discover the wildlife of Thailand. Besides wildlife watching there is time to visit the most interesting scenic sites of the park. No guarantees can be made in nature except lots of trees, but with some luck you might see animals like gibbons, deer, hornbills and various other bird species, macaques, and maybe even elephants.

Honestly, 3 days should be the minimum spent in this beautiful forest. You won't regret it!


On these 3-day trips we spend every day from morning till evening in the jungle. Hiking, game drives, a night drive, visiting scenic highlights like the views and waterfalls, are all activities included on this tour. And one late afternoon we watch a couple million bats flying out at sunset. We focus mainly on wildlife watching, but do also take time to enjoy the scenery.


Our trips starts and ends daily at your hotel or other pick-up or return location we agreed on.

This is an example itinerary. The program might be turned upside down. We adapt to mother nature.

Day 1  - From 8 - 8:30 a.m. till about 8:30 p.m.

After pick-up in Pak Chong at your hotel or at one of the public transport stations, we enter the national park where the wildlife watching will start right away. After a stop at a viewpoint where you will learn a more about the park, we continue our drive to search for animals in the tree tops along the road. And after this drive it is time for your first jungle hike.

At a slow pace we take in all the sounds and smells of the forest. Together with your guide you follow any signs that could lead you to an exciting animal sighting. The dense forests make wildlife watching difficult and one needs luck to see the elusive creatures that inhabit this forest.

After the jungle walk it's time for lunch at one of the park restaurants. At mid-day we head to one of the park's waterfalls to relax a bit before we head out on a late afternoon drive. We will explore the areas where wild elephants occasionally come to forage or visit mineral deposits. Despite them being the largest land mammal, the thick jungle can easily hide them from view, so there are certainly no guarantees of success, but who knows...

We'll have dinner and afterwards we will be joined by a ranger with a powerful spotlight on a truck and will drive a route through both forested and open areas to look for nocturnal creatures. Deer are often seen, but also other animals like porcupines, civets, elephants, and other nocturnal wildlife might show themselves. After this long day you'll be returned to your hotel.

Day 2 - From 8 - 8:30 a.m. till about 6 p.m.

This second day is similar to day 1, but we will explore different areas. We'll go trekking in another part of the park and try to look for animals we have not seen on the previous day. Today we'll visit another waterfall, and we'll do another driving safari to search for animals. After our dinner we'll bring you back to your hotel.

Day 3 - From 8 - 8:30 a.m. till about 5 - 6 p.m.

The final day, we start again with another beautiful trail, our last jungle hike of the trip. After lunch we'll head to the highest viewpoint of the park. This area has a different vegetation and with luck we might encounter some unusual animals on the way. After this we leave the park to head to the bat caves. These are located outside the national park and are home to more than a million bats that will exit around sunset to feed on insects. Quite a special sight!

And afterwards, you'll be returned to your hotel or to Pak Chong for onward transport.

Where & When?

The tour starts from Pak Chong, which is easy to reach by bus, shuttle minivan, or train from Bangkok. Private transfers by taxi or minivan can be arranged on request.

We can arranga taxi from Bangkok. It takes 2.5 hours, it costs 2200 THB one way and 3200 THB for a round trip within same day.

Our tours are operated all year round.

How much?

This is a private tour. You will explore the park with a private guide, and no others will join you; the best way to explore nature!

Important note

Please confirm with us before booking a hotel in Khao Yai area as we don't offer pickup if your hotel is too far away. Or because some hotel owners don't like their guests to be picked up by tour operators.

Expand to see the list of some popular hotels we pick up from

Group size Rate per person
1 16,800 THB
2 9,400 THB
3 7,800 THB
4 6,800 THB
5 6,100 THB
6 5,600 THB
7 5,400 THB
8 and up 5,200 THB

Tour rates include:

  • Entrance fees (400 THB per person & day)
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation from/to hotel or other meeting point
  • All meals
  • Snacks & fruit
  • Drinking water
  • Leech protection socks

Reviews from our guests

We appreciate your feedback after the tour when booking with us.

Rated 4.8/5 based on 4 customer reviews
About: 3-days wildlife tour in Khao Yai

By: , Singapore | posted Wed 7 Nov, 2018

4/5 stars

The guide is experienced and knowledgeable. The overall trip is very good but the night safari should have extended longer like 1 to 1.5 hrs.

Tour operator's response

Thank you Htike Win!

Unfortunately the night safari is the only activity in the tour that is beyond our control. Park rules restrict us to use national park staff for the night drive and they decide the speed of driving, do the spotlighting, and the route is fixed and unfortunately can not be extended. Sadly, in some cases the national park staff is more interested in getting home, than to make the guests happy :( ...

Despite this, we have anyhow decided to keep it in some of our tour packages because it is a rare chance to see nocturnal wildlife in Thailand. Even if it is not always up to the standard like we would like. We still believe it is better than not doing it at all ;-)

But it is something that always plays in our mind and maybe we will decide in the future to remove it entirely from our packages, because it is the virtually the only activity on our tours that gets negative feedback, whilst overall our guests are happy with the rest of the itineraries in which our own staff (guides/ drivers) have the freedom to decide what to do, without much interference of the national park staff.

Thanks for your feedback.

About: 3-days wildlife tour in Khao Yai

By: , Netherlands | posted Mon 22 Jan, 2018

5/5 stars

Wij hebben een 3-daagse safari geboekt. Gids was Tata, een jonge Thaise gids opgegroeid in de omgeving. Een prima gids en leuke man om mee op pad te zijn. Khao Yai is een prachtig natuurpark. Jammer dat er zo weinig van mag worden bezocht. Slechts 3 trails zijn er te lopen in het open gedeelte. De eerste dag veel gezien . Olifanten, de hornbills. Wat wel opvalt is dat alle gidsen intussen exact weten waar de dieren zich bevinden en het lijkt dan ook meer show, dan echte zoektochten naar wild. Alles en iedereen krijgt zo dezelfde dieren te zien. Alleen de olifanten en neushoornvogels zijn onnavolgbaar en uiteraard niet zomaar te volgen of vast te leggen. Gelukkig maar. De 2e dag dan ook relatief weinig gezien, maar ons desondanks prima vermaakt. Ook de 3e dag extra vroeg het park in om de neushoornvogels te spotten, maar soms moet je ook een beetje extra geluk hebben, maar da tis nu eenmaal natuur en wild. Een hele fijne goed geregelde 3 dagen gehad met Tata. Eten in het restaurant in het park was heel goed en alles prima verzorgd. Bedankt

Tour operator's response

Beste Jan,

Bedankt voor je reactie!

Van de ene kant jammer inderdaad dat het park slechts beperkt opengesteld wordt, van de andere kant misschien ook maar beter zo. Dan is er ook nog genoeg ruimte voor de dieren om zich terug te trekken.

Het lijkt misschien een show, toch is het echt wild en zeker niet iedere dag hetzelfde zoals je blijkbaar ook gemerkt hebt. Wel kan je het geluk hebben dat bijvoorbeeld een ficus op dat moment vruchten heeft en dan is de kans groot dat voor meerdere dagen op rij dezelfde (of verschillende) dieren op dezelfde plek kunnen worden gezien. Toch als dat afgelopen is, zal er toch weer elders gezocht moeten worden naar gibbons, neushoornvogels etc. En soms vind je een bamboe adder die voor langere tijd op dezelfde plek blijft hangen.

Of misschien doelde je op de olifanten die je misschien in het bijzijn van andere toeristen hebt gezien. Want aangezien dit voor velen het belangrijkste dier is op het verlanglijstje, melden gidsen dit meestal aan elkaar. Als dat niet zou gebeuren dan is de kans nog een stuk kleiner om ze te zien te krijgen. We houden de aantallen niet exact bij, maar we schatten dat zeker meer dan de helft van onze gasten, zelfs soms mensen die een 4-daagse tour doen, naar huis gaan zonder olifanten te zien. Dus het is zeker allemaal niet zo vanzelfsprekend als het soms kan lijken als je het geluk wel hebt ;-) .

Het is natuurlijk leuker als je de enige in een park bent, en dat sommige dieren minder aan de mensen gewend zijn, maar in de parken waar dat wel vaak het geval is, zie je dus ook gewoon minder.

Bedankt voor jullie deelname!

About: 3-days wildlife tour in Khao Yai

By: , Israel | posted Wed 20 Sep, 2017

5/5 stars

Our guide in the first day was khan and in the second and third day was tata.

We had a perfect time in the national park.

A big part of it thanks to our guides. They were just fantastic. Showed a lot of knowledge in many different subjects. Were very flexable and kind. Very happy with an amazing attitude .

Also the park is pretty impressive.

The hotel we stayed was beautiful with great breakfast.

Thank you so much!

Tour operator's response

Dear Rotem,

We are glad to hear you enjoyed your trip with our guides.

Thank you for booking with us!

Hope to see you again ;-)

About: 3-days wildlife tour in Khao Yai

By: , Switzerland | posted Sun 16 Jul, 2017

5/5 stars

Tip Top!! Tata (our guide) was extremely helpfull and allowed us to discover the nature present in the park (snakes, elephants, lizzard, s lot of colourfull birds, gibbons...) all of those animals are living there and it is amazing to see them in their natural environment. Most of all Tata is a passionate and perfectionist caracter so the experience that we shared with him was made from the best quality you can imagine (and even more). Thank you for this unforgettable experience!

Tour operator's response

Thanks Franck for your kind words!

We will pass your comments to Tata ;-)

Thank you for booking with us

Tour details in short:

  • Duration: 3 day(s)
  • Type: Private tour
  • Price: 5,200 - 16,800 THB per person
  • Group size: 1 or more people
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Transport: Safari vehicle
  • Start: 8 - 8:30 a.m. (Day 1)
  • End: 5 - 6 p.m. (Day 3)

What to bring:

  • Long trousers
  • Rain clothing
  • Sweater or light jacket
  • Hiking or sport shoes
  • Towel
  • Flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunblock lotion