Thai National Parks

Species of Thailand

Lizard and crocodile species in Thailand

Please note that some of species listed below may be extinct or no longer found in Thailand.

This list is result of our own cross-referencing of checklists from many sites, location data from scientific publications, IUCN website, books, blogs etc. We have also used location data from photos posted by photographers.

On 'wildlife' section of protected site pages you will see species that belongs to each park. These lists are far from being complete. If you have been to any of these locations and have seen any species not listed in related park page, please let us know.

Birds (Class: Aves)

Leaf warblers (Order: Passeriformes, Family: Phylloscopidae)

Lizards (Suborder: Saurina)

Total 179 species

Eublepharidae family
Geckos (Family: Gekkonidae)
Bent-toed geckos (Genus: Cyrtodactylus)
Rock geckos genus (Genus: Cnemaspis)
Ground geckos (Genus: Dixonius)
House geckos (Genus: Hemidactylus)
Four-clawed geckos (Genus: Gehyra)
Dwarf geckos (Genus: Hemiphyllodactylus)
Tokay geckos (Genus: Gekko)
Parachute geckos (Genus: Ptychozoon)
Agamid lizards (Family: Agamidae)
Gliding lizards (Genus: Draco)
Tree lizards (Genus: Acanthosaura)
Anglehead lizards (Genus: Gonocephalus)
Crested lizards (Genus: Bronchocela)
Long-headed lizards (Genus: Pseudocalotes)
Crested lizards (Genus: Calotes)
Water dragons (Genus: Physignathus)
Mantheyus genus
Earless lizards (Genus: Aphaniotis)
Butterfly lizards (Genus: Leiolepis)
Mountain lizards (Genus: Japalura)
Long-tailed lizards (Family: Lacertidae)
Skinks (Family: Scincidae)
Sun skinks (Genus: Eutropis, Toenayar)
Tailed skinks (Genus: Plestiodon)
Striped skinks (Genus: Lipinia)
Tree skinks (Genus: Dasia)
Stream skinks (Genus: Tropidophorus)
Leaf-litter skinks (Genus: Scincella)
Forest skinks (Genus: Sphenomorphus)
Supple skinks (Genus: Lygosoma)
Larut skinks (Genus: Leptoseps)
Limbless skinks (Genus: Larutia)
Legless skinks (Genus: Isopachys)
Legless skinks (Genus: Davewakeum/Brachymeles)
Genus: Jarujinia
Snake skinks (Family: Dibamidae)
Glass lizards (Family: Anguidae)
Monitors (Family: Varanidae)

Crocodiles (Order: Crocodilia)

Not grouped yet