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Variable sun skink

Binomial name: Eutropis macularia, Edward Blyth, 1853

The bronze grass skink or bronze mabuya (Eutropis macularia) is a species of skink found in South and Southeast Asia. (Bengali names: তামাটে অঞ্জন, ব্রোঞ্জ অঞ্জন, আরজিনা, আঞ্জন, আঞ্চন, আনজিলা, আঁচিলা).


Physical structure: Body cylindrical, dorsal scales with 5-8 keels, ventral scales smooth; 28-30 scales round the body. A pair of dorso-lateral bands starts from above the eye till the base of the tail. As with other Eutropis species the scales are keeled.

Color pattern: Deep-brown, olive or bronze-brown in color; dorso-lateral bands light or yellow; sometimes with black spots on the base of the tail. Breeding males have orange color on the lateral side of the body. Juveniles are grey with a bronze head.

Length: Maximum: 23 cm, common: 16 cm (SVL 7 cm).


This skink is found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Laos, Malaysia (northwestern), Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand & Vietnam. Type locality is Rangpur, Bengal on humans & ecology==

No known human uses. Plays a role in ecosystem by eating various types of insects and otherwise.

Threat to humans

Non-venomous and harmless to humans. May bite when handled, but is not dangerous.

IUCN threat status

Not Evaluated (NE).

Interesting notes

Can break off its own tail when grabbed by predators; the tail regenerative and will grow back over time.

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Scientific classification

Eutropis macularia

Common names

  • German: Gefleckte Mabuye
  • English:
    • Bronze mabuya
    • Bronze skink
    • Grass sun skink
    • Allapalli grass skink
    • Variable sun skink


  • Eutropis macularia macularia, Edward Blyth, 1853

  • Eutropis macularia malcolmi, Edward Harrison Taylor & Robert E. Elbel, 1958

    Range: Type locality: Phu Phak Khi Nak (mt.), near Ban Nam Yen (subvillage), Kok Sathon (village), Dan Sai (district), Loei (province), Thailand.

  • Eutropis macularia postnasalis, Edward Harrison Taylor & Robert E. Elbel, 1958

    Range: Thailand; Type locality: From Phu Lorn Lo (mt.), 2100m elevation, Kok Sathon (village), Dan Sai (district), Loei (province), Thailand.

  • Eutropis macularia quadrifasciata, Edward Harrison Taylor & Robert E. Elbel, 1958

    Range: Thailand; Type locality: Phu Nam Lang (mt.),


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  • Tiliqua macularia, Edward Blyth (1856)
  • Euprepes macularius, Edward Blyth (1853)
  • Mabuya macularia, Edward Blyth (1853)
Distribution map of Variable sun skink, Eutropis macularia in Thailand

Range map of Eutropis macularia in Thailand

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