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Amphibian species in Thailand

Please note that some of species listed below may be extinct or no longer found in Thailand.

This list is result of our own cross-referencing of checklists from many sites, location data from scientific publications, IUCN website, books, blogs etc. We have also used location data from photos posted by photographers.

On 'wildlife' section of protected site pages you will see species that belongs to each park. These lists are far from being complete. If you have been to any of these locations and have seen any species not listed in related park page, please let us know.

Mammals (Class: Mammalia)

Carnivorans (Order: Carnivora)
Cats (Family: Felidae)

Amphibians (Order: Anura)

Total 179 species

Fork-tongued frogs (Familly: Dicroglossidae)
Crowned bullfrogs (Genus: Hoplobatrachus)
Eastern frogs (Genus: Ingerana)
Euphlyctis genus
Java/floating frogs (Genus: Occidozyga)
Spiny frogs (Genus: Quasipaa)
Litter frogs (Family: Megophryidae)
Asian horned frogs (Genus: Megophrys)
Eastern spadefoot toads (Genus: Leptobrachium)
Karin Hills frogs (Genus: Brachytarsophrys)
Mountain toads (Genus: Ophryophryne)
Slender litter frogs (Genus: Leptolalax)
Xenophrys genus
Tree frogs (Family: Hylidae)
Hyla genus (Genus: Hyla)
Narrow-mouthed frogs (Family: Microhylidae)
Asian narrowmouth toads (Genus: Kaloula)
Chaperina genus
Glyphoglossus genus
Kalophrynus genus
Micryletta genus
Phrynella genus
Rice frogs (Genus: Microhyla)
Shrub frogs (Family: Rhacophoridae)
Bug-eyed frogs/warty treefrogs (Genus: Theloderma)
Flying frogs (Genus: Rhacophorus)
Whipping frogs (Genus: Polypedates)
Feihyla genus
Foam-nest frogs (Genus: Chiromantis)
Gracixalus genus
Indonesian tree frogs (Genus: Nyctixalus)
Kurixalus genus
Philautus genus
Raorchestes genus
True frogs (Family: Ranidae)
Cascade/sucker frogs (Genus: Amolops)
Clinotarsus genus
Dicroglossid frogs (Genus: Nanorana)
Fejervarya genus
Fanged frogs (Genus: Limnonectes)
Golden-backed frogs
Huia genus
Humerana genus
Meristogenys genus
Odorous frogs (Genus: Odorrana)
Water frogs (Genus: Pelophylax)
True toads (Family: Bufonidae)
Asian tree toads (Genus: Pedostibes, Rentapia)
Duttaphrynus genus
Indonesia tree toads (Genus: Leptophryne)
Ingerophrynus genus
Stream toads (Genus: Ansonia)
Toads (Genus: Bufo, Phrynoidis)
Triangle frogs (Family: Ceratobatrachidae)
Alcala's dwarf mountain frogs (Genus: Alcalus)
Caecilians (Family: Ichthyophiidae)
Caudacaecilia genus
Ichthyophis genus
True salamanders and newts (Family: Salamandridae)
Crocodile newts (Genus: Tylototriton)

Not grouped yet