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Snake species in Thailand

Species of Thailand

Snake species in Thailand

Please note that some of the species listed below may be extinct or no longer found in Thailand.

The range maps for species below may not be accurate or complete. Our work is not pure scientific but we try to verify the data we collect as much we can.

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Snakes (Suborder: Serpentes)

Total 233 species

Pit vipers (Family: Crotalidae)
Green pit vipers (Genus: Trimeresurus, Tropidolaemus)
Pit vipers (Genus: Calloselasma, Protobothrops)
Mountain pit vipers (Genus: Ovophis)
Vipers (Family: Viperidae, Genus: Daboia)
Elaphid snakes (Family: Elapidae)
Kraits genus (Genus: Bungarus)
Cobras genus (Genus: Naja)
King Cobra (Genus: Ophiophagus)
Long-Glanded coral snakes (Genus: Calliophis)
Coral snakes (Genus: Sinomicrurus)
Colubrid snakes (Family: Colubridae)
Blunt-headed tree snake (Genus: Aplopeltura)
Slug-eating snakes (Genus: Asthenodipsas, Pareas)
Dragon snakes (Genus: Xenodermus)
Racers (Genus: Coelognathus, Oreocryptophis, Elaphe, Gonyosoma)
Rat snakes (Genus: Ptyas)
Brown snakes (Genus: Xenelaphis)
Ground snakes (Genus: Gongylosoma)
Smooth snakes (Genus: Liopeltis)
Kukri snakes (Genus: Oligodon)
Reed snakes (Genus: Calamaria, Pseudorabdion)
Mountain reed snakes (Genus: Macrocalamus)
Bronzebacks (Genus: Dendrelaphis)
Tree snakes (Genus: Chrysopelea)
Wolf snakes & Bridle snakes (Genus: Lycodon)
Mountain snakes (Genus: Plagiopholis)
Blackheads (Genus: Sibynophis)
Cat snakes (Genus: Boiga)
Mock vipers (Genus: Psammodynastes)
Sand snakes (Genus: Psammophis)
Whip snakes (Genus: Ahaetulla, Dryophiops)
Keelbacks (Genus: Amphiesma, Hebius)
Keelbacks (Genus: Isanophis)
Mountain stream snakes (Genus: Opisthotropis)
Mountain keelbacks (Genus: Paratapinophis)
Bamboo snakes (Genus: Pseudoxenodon)
Asian keelbacks (Genus: Rhabdophis)
Keelbacks (Genus: Trimerodytes)
Keelbacks (Genus: Xenochrophis, Fowlea)
Pythons (Family: Pythonidae)
Pipe snakes (Family: Cylindrophiidae)
Sunbeam snakes (Family: Xenopeltidae)
Bearded snakes (Family: Xenodermatid)
Wart snakes (Family: Acrochordidae)
Homalopsine water snakes (Family: Homalopsine)
Mud snakes (Genus: Enhydris, Hypsiscopus, Subsessor)
Mud snakes (Genus: Homalopsis)
Mud snakes (Genus: Gerarda)
Bockadams (Genus: Cerberus)
Crab-eating snakes (Genus: Fordonia)
Mangrove snakes (Genus: Cantoria)
Estuarine snakes (Genus: Bitia)
Tentacled snake (Genus: Erpeton)
Blind snakes (Family: Typhlopidae)
Blind snakes (Genus: Argyrophis, Gerrhopilus, Indotyphlops, Ramphotyphlops)
Sea snakes (Family: Hydrophiidae)
Sea kraits (Genus: Laticauda)
Genus: Aipysurus
Genus: Kolpophis
Genus: Thalassophis
Genus: Hydrophis