Species of Thailand

Snake species in Thailand

Please note that some of the species listed below may be extinct or no longer found in Thailand.

The range maps for the species listed below may not be accurate nor complete. Our work is not purely scientific but we verify the data we collect with the local top experts as much as we can.

We have created a micro website to show daily statistics over snake observation logs collected from a few Facebook groups. It is possible to see some detailed statistics and download data free for research or any other purpose. Follow this link to open the site.

Snakes (Suborder: Serpentes)

Total 235 species

Pit vipers & vipers
Green pit vipers
Pit vipers
Mountain pit vipers
True vipers
Terrestrial elapids
King cobra
Long-glanded coral snakes
Asian coral snakes
Colubrid snakes
Blunt-headed tree snake
Slug-eating snakes
Rat snakes
Brown snakes
Ground snakes
Smooth snakes
Kukri snakes
Reed snakes
Mountain reed snakes
Tree snakes
Wolf snakes & bridle snakes
Mountain snakes
Collared snakes
Cat snakes
Mock vipers
Sand snakes
Whip snakes
Mountain stream snakes
Mountain keelbacks
Bamboo snakes
Asian keelbacks
Dragon snakes
Pipe snakes
Sunbeam snakes
Bearded snakes
Wart snakes
Homalopsine water snakes
Mud snakes
Mud snakes
Mud snakes
Crab-eating snakes
Mangrove snakes
Estuarine snakes
Tentacled snake
Blind snakes
Blind snakes (Genus: Argyrophis, Gerrhopilus, Indotyphlops, Ramphotyphlops)
Elapid sea snakes
Sea kraits
Olive sea snakes
Sea snakes