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White-bellied rat snake

Thai: งูสิงใต้, ngu sing dtai

Binomial name: Ptyas fusca, Albert Charles Lewis Günther, 1858

Ptyas fusca, commonly known as the White-bellied Rat Snake or Brown Rat Snake, is a species of colubrid snake. It is found in Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

The White-bellied Rat Snake prefers forested habitats.They are known to prey on frogs and lizards and fish. It is known to remain still and hold neck erect when disturbed-a threatening posture.

The adults range from brown to brick-red colour on the upper surface. Ventral scales are white to pale yellowish in colour. Thick black stripes on either side of the posterior body and tail is a characteristic feature. Juveniles often greenish in coloration. The pupil is rounded and large.

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Scientific classification

Ptyas fusca

Common names

  • German: Braune Rattenschlange
  • English:
    • White-bellied rat snake
    • Brown rat snake
  • Thai:
    • งูสิงใต้, ngu sing dtai
    • งูสิงทอง, ngu sing thong


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  • Zaocys fuscus, Ulrich Manthey (1983)
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  • Ptyas fuscus, Frank Wall (1923)
  • Zaocys fuscus, George Albert Boulenger (1893)
  • Zaocys (Zapyrus) fuscus, Oskar Boettger (1887)
  • Zapyrus fuscus, George Albert Boulenger (1885)
  • Zaocys fuscus, Albert Charles Lewis Günther (1864)
  • Coryphodon fuscus, Albert Charles Lewis Günther (1858)

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Distribution map of White-bellied rat snake, Ptyas fusca in Thailand

Range map of Ptyas fusca in Thailand

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