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Large-eyed pit viper

In Thai: งูเขียวหางไหม้ตาโต, ngu khieow hang mai dtaa dtoo

Binomial name: Trimeresurus macrops, Eugen Kramer, 1977

Trimeresurus macrops is a venomous pit viper species endemic to Southeast Asia. No subspecies are currently recognized. Common names include large-eyed pitviper and green pit viper.


It can be distinguished from other green pit vipers by the relatively large size of its eyes, which is especially noticeable in adult specimens, and to which the specific name, macrops, refers.


According to Strine, Green pit vipers mate during the end of the rainy season, between September and October. Female vipers will pull male vipers up the tree and begin mating.

Geographic range

It is found in Southeast Asia in northern Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and southern Vietnam. The type locality given is "Bangkok, Thailand".

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Scientific classification

Trimeresurus macrops

Common names

  • German: Grossaugen-Bambusotter
  • English:
    • Large-eyed pit viper
    • Kramer's pit viper
    • Big-eyed green pit viper
  • Thai: งูเขียวหางไหม้ตาโต, ngu khieow hang mai dtaa dtoo


  • Cryptelytrops macrops, Tanya Chan-Ard et al. (2015)
  • Trimeresurus macrops, Van Stanley Bartholomew Wallach et al. (2014)
  • Trimeresurus (Trimeresurus) macrops, Patrick David et al. (2011)
  • Cryptelytrops macrops, Anita Malhotra & Roger Stephen Thorpe (2004)
  • Trimeresurus macrops, Andreas Gumprecht et al. (2004)
  • Trimeresurus macrops, Roy W. McDiarmid, Jonathan A. Campbell & T'Shaka A. Touré (1999)
  • Trimeresurus macrops, Merel J. Cox et al. (1998)
  • Trimeresurus macrops, Kenneth R. G. Welch (1994)
  • Trimeresurus macrops, Eugen Kramer (1977)

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  • Trimeresurus macrops (male)
  • Trimeresurus macrops (female)
  • Trimeresurus macrops (male)

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Range Map

Distribution map of Large-eyed pit viper, Trimeresurus macrops in Thailand
Range map of Trimeresurus macrops in Thailand