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Common bronzeback

Binomial name: Dendrelaphis pictus (Johann Friedrich Gmelin, 1789)

Painted Bronzeback Dendrelaphis pictus is a species of snake found in Southeast Asia and India.


In the Painted Bronzeback the maxillary teeth number from 23 to 26, the eye is as long as the distance between the nostril and eye. The rostral scale is more broad than deep, and is visible from above. Internasal scales are as long as, or slightly shorter than, the praefrontal scales. The frontal scale is as long as its distance from the rostral or the tip of the snout, but shorter than the parietal scales. The loreal is long and there is one preocular and two postoculars. The temporal scales are 2+2, 1+1, or 1+2. There are nine (seven or eight) upper labials, with the fifth and sixth (or fourth to sixth) entering the eye. This snake has five (four) lower labials in contact with the anterior chin shields the latter shorter than the posterior, which are separated by one anterior and two posterior scales. Scales are in 15 rows, vertebrals about as large as the outer; Ventrals number 151–204, the anal scale is divided, and subcaudals number 103–174.

The snake's colouration is olive or brown above with a yellow lateral stripe, bordered below by a dark line between the outer scales and the ventrals. A black stripe on each side of the head passes through the eye, widens or breaks up into spots, separated by bluish-green bands on the nape. The upper lip is yellow, and the lower surface yellowish or greenish. Length of head and body approximately 740 mm and the tail 440 mm.

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Scientific classification

Dendrelaphis pictus

Common names

  • German: Gefleckte Bronzenatter, Gemeine Bronzenatter
  • English: Common bronzeback, Painted bronzeback, Indonesian bronzeback
  • Thai: งูสายม่านพระอินทร์ (Ngu sai man thammada)


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Common bronzeback is found in following locations in Thailand

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Distribution map of Common bronzeback, Dendrelaphis pictus in Thailand

Range map of Dendrelaphis pictus in Thailand

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