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Due to COVID-19 outbreak, all national parks, wildlife sactuaries and other protected forest areas in Thailand are closed from 25th March until further notice. Some popular tourist destinations like Similan Islands, Surin Islands are within national parks, they too are closed. We will announce from here when the parks reopen.

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Indo-Malayan mountain pit viper

Thai: งูหางแฮ่มภูเขาใต้, ngu hang haem phukhao dtai

Binomial name: Ovophis convictus, Ferdinand Stoliczka, 1870

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Scientific classification

Ovophis convictus

Common names

  • German: Indo-Malaiische Berg-Grubenotter
  • English:
    • Indo-Malayan mountain pit viper
    • Mountain pit viper
  • Thai: งูหางแฮ่มภูเขาใต้, ngu hang haem phukhao dtai


  • Ovophis convictus, Van Stanley Bartholomew Wallach et al. (2014)
  • Ovophis convictus, Andreas Gumprecht & Peter van Issem (2013)
  • Ovophis convictus, Patrick David & Gernot Vogel (2012)
  • Ovophis convictus, Indraneil Das & Norsham S. Yaakob (2007)
  • Ovophis monticola convictus, Andreas Gumprecht et al. (2004)
  • Ovophis monticola convictus, Merel J. Cox et al. (1998)
  • Ovophis convictus, Kenneth R. G. Welch (1994)
  • Ovophis monticola convictus, P. Golay et al. (1993)
  • Ovophis convictus, Hobart Muir Smith & David Alfred Chiszar (1988)
  • Trimeresurus convictus, Konrad Klemmer (1963)
  • Ovophis monticola tonkinensis nec Trimeresurus tonkinensis, René Léon Bourret (1934)
  • Trimeresurus monticola (partim), Thomas Barbour (1912)
  • Trimeresurus convictus, Ferdinand Stoliczka (1870)
  • Lachesis monticola, Albert Charles Lewis Günther (1864)

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

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Distribution map of Indo-Malayan mountain pit viper, Ovophis convictus in Thailand

Range map of Ovophis convictus in Thailand

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