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Dog-toothed cat snake

Thai: งูแส้หางม้า, ngu sae hang ma

Binomial name: Boiga cynodon, Heinrich Boie, 1827

Boiga cynodon, commonly known as the dog-toothed cat snake, is a nocturnal species of rear-fanged colubrid snake endemic to Asia.


It is a large snake, reaching more than 2 m (6½ feet) in total length. The front teeth of the upper jaw and the lower jaw are strongly enlarged.

The body is slender and laterally compressed. Dorsally it is tannish with reddish-brown or dark brown crossbands. There is a dark streak behind the eye on each side of the head. The venter is whitish, heavily marbled with dark brown.

The smooth dorsal scales are arranged in 23 or 25 rows at midbody, and those in the vertebral row are strongly enlarged. Ventrals 248-290; subcaudals 114-165.


It feeds mainly upon small birds and bird eggs, but may also take lizards and small mammals.


Boiga cynodon is an oviparous species, with sexually mature females laying eggs, 6-12 per clutch.

Geographic range

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • India (Assam)
  • Indonesia (Bali, Bangka, Belitung, Borneo, Flores, Java, Kalimantan, Mentawai Archipelago, Nias, Riau Archipelago, Sumatra, Sumbawa)
  • Laos
  • Malaysia (Malaya and East Malaysia), Pulau Tioman
  • Myanmar (formerly called Burma)
  • Philippine Islands (Basilan, Culion, Dinagat, Leyte, Luzon, Mindanao, Palawan, Panay, Polillo, Sibutu, Sulu Archipelago)
  • Singapore
  • Thailand

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Scientific classification

Boiga cynodon

Common names

  • German: Hundezahn-Katzennatter
  • English:
    • Dog-toothed cat snake
    • Large blunt-headed tree snake
  • Thai: งูแส้หางม้า, ngu sae hang ma


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  • Dipsadomorphus cynodon, George Albert Boulenger (1896)
  • Pareas waandersi, Pieter Bleeker (1860)
  • Eudipsas cynodon, Albert Charles Lewis Günther (1858)
  • Opetiodon cynodon, André Marie Constant Duméril & Gabriel Bibron (1854)
  • Eudipsas cynodon, Leopold Fitzinger (1843)
  • Dipsas cynodon, Friedrich Boie (1827)

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Distribution map of Dog-toothed cat snake, Boiga cynodon in Thailand

Range map of Boiga cynodon in Thailand

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