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Graceful Small-headed sea snake

In Thai: งูคออ่อนหัวเข็ม, ngu khor oon hua khem

Binomial name: Hydrophis gracilis, George Shaw, 1802

The Graceful Small-headed Sea Snake or Slender Sea Snake Hydrophis gracilis is a species of Elapidae (Hydrophiinae-sea snake). Microcephalophis gracilis is a synonym of the snake.

Diagnostic characters

Head small, body long and slender anteriorly; scales on thickest part of body juxtaposed; 5-6 maxillary teeth behind fangs; 17-21 scale rows around neck, 30-36 around thickest part of body (increase from neck to midbody 18-24); ventrals divided by a longitudinal fissure; prefrontal in contact with third upper labial; ventrals 220-287.

Total length males 950 mm, females 1025 mm; tail length males 80 mm, females 95 mm.


  • Indian Ocean (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines)
  • South China Sea northward to the coast of Fujian (China)
  • Persian Gulf to Bay of Bengal (Oman, United Arab Emirates, Iran)
  • Coast of Malaysia through Indoaustralian Archipelago to New Guinea, New Caledonia, Australia (Queensland), Melanesia, Indonesia

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Scientific classification

Hydrophis gracilis

Common names

  • English:
    • Graceful small-headed sea snake
    • Graceful sea snake
    • Slender sea snake
    • Common small-headed sea snake
  • Thai: งูคออ่อนหัวเข็ม, ngu khor oon hua khem


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Range Map

Distribution map of Graceful Small-headed sea snake, Hydrophis gracilis in Thailand
  • Phuket Coast
Range map of Hydrophis gracilis in Thailand