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Orangeneck keelback

Thai: งูรังแหหัวแดง, ngu rang hae hua daeng

Binomial name: Rhabdophis flaviceps, André Marie Constant Duméril, Gabriel Bibron & Auguste Duméril, 1854

Rhabdophis flaviceps, the orangeneck keelback, orange-lipped keelback, or yellow-headed keelback, is a species of snake in the family Colubridae. It is found in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

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Scientific classification

Rhabdophis flaviceps

Common names

  • German:
    • Gelbkopf-Kielrückennatter
    • Rotkopf-Kielrückenwassernatter
  • English:
    • Orangeneck keelback
    • Red-headed keelback
    • Yellow-headed keelback
    • Orange-lipped keelback
  • Thai: งูรังแหหัวแดง, ngu rang hae hua daeng


  • Macropisthodon flaviceps, Simon J. Husson et al. (2018)
  • Rhabdophis flaviceps, Hirohiko Takeuchi et al. (2018)
  • Macropisthodon flaviceps, Van Stanley Bartholomew Wallach et al. (2014)
  • Macropisthodon flaviceps, Alice Georgie Cruickshank Grandison (1978)
  • Macropisthodon flaviceps, Felix Kopstein (1938)
  • Macropisthodon flaviceps, George Albert Boulenger (1893)
  • Tropidonotus (Amphiesma) flaviceps, Oskar Boettger (1887)
  • Tropidonotus flaviceps, Oskar Boettger (1886)
  • Amphiesma lindmanni, Albert Charles Lewis Günther (1872)
  • Amphiesma rufo torquatum, Abraham Carel J. Edeling (1864)
  • Tropidonotus leucomelas, Albert Charles Lewis Günther (1864)
  • Amphiesma flaviceps, Giorgio Jan (1863)
  • Amphiesma lindmani, Pieter Bleeker (1857)
  • Amphiesma flaviceps, André Marie Constant Duméril & Gabriel Bibron (1854)

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

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Distribution map of Orangeneck keelback, Rhabdophis flaviceps in Thailand
  • Saba Yoi District, Songkhla
  • Thale Ban National Park

Range map of Rhabdophis flaviceps in Thailand

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