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Little bronze cuckoo

Thai: นกคัคคูสีทองแดง, nok khak-khu see thong daeng

Binomial name: Chrysococcyx minutillus, John Gould, 1859

The little bronze cuckoo (Chrysococcyx minutillus) is a species of cuckoo in the Cuculidae family. It is found in Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Australia. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. This is the world's smallest cuckoo, at 17 grams and 15 cm (6 in). The subspecies rufomerus and crassirostris are sometimes given specific status.

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Scientific classification

Chrysococcyx minutillus

Common names

  • Thai: นกคัคคูสีทองแดง, nok khak-khu see thong daeng


  • Chrysococcyx minutillus aheneus, George Christoffel Alexander Junge, 1938

    Range: Borneo and the southern Philippines

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus albifrons, George Christoffel Alexander Junge, 1938

    Range: Sumatra and western Java

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus barnardi, Gregory Macalister Mathews, 1912

    Range: Eastern Australia

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus crassirostris, Tommaso Salvadori, 1878

    Common name: Pied bronze cuckoo

    Range: Maluku and Tanimbar Islands

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus jungei, Erwin Stresemann, 1938

    Range: Sulawesi, Flores and Madu Island

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus minutillus, Gould, 1859

    Range: Northern Australia

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus misoriensis, Tommaso Salvadori, 1876

    Range: Biak (Schouten Islands)

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus peninsularis, S. A. Parker, 1981

    Range: Southern Thailand and the Malay Peninsula

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus poecilurus, George Robert Gray, 1862

    Range: Coastal New Guinea and northern Queensland

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus rufomerus, Ernst Johann Otto Hartert, 1900

    Common name: Green-cheeked bronze cuckoo

    Range: Lesser Sunda Islands

  • Chrysococcyx minutillus salvadorii, Ernst Johann Otto Hartert & Erwin Stresemann, 1925

    Range: Babar Islands

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Little bronze cuckoo (chrysococcyx minutillus)

Little bronze cuckoo (chrysococcyx minutillus)

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Distribution map of Little bronze cuckoo, Chrysococcyx minutillus in Thailand
  • Ao Phang-Nga National Park
  • Bang Lang National Park
  • Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hat Chao Mai National Park
  • Hat Yai District, Songkhla
  • Kaeng Krachan National Park
  • Khanom District, Nakhon Si Thammarat
  • Khao Luang National Park
  • Khao Phra - Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Khao Sok National Park
  • Khura Buri District, Phang Nga
  • La-ngu District, Satun
  • Mueang Krabi District, Krabi
  • Mueang Pattani District, Pattani
  • Mueang Phang Nga District, Phang Nga
  • Mueang Satun District, Satun
  • Mueang Surat Thani District, Surat Thani
  • San Kala Khiri National Park
  • Sri Phang-nga National Park
  • Yan Ta Khao District, Trang

Range map of Chrysococcyx minutillus in Thailand

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