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Narcissus flycatcher

Ficedula narcissina

Coenraad Jacob Temminck, 1836

In Thai: นกจับแมลงคิ้วเหลือง

The narcissus flycatcher (Ficedula narcissina) is a passerine bird in the Old World flycatcher family. It is native to the East Palearctic, from Sakhalin to the north, through Japan across through Korea, mainland China, and Taiwan, wintering in southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Vietnam and Borneo. It is highly migratory, and has been found as a vagrant from Australia in the south to Alaska in the north .

Narcissus flycatcher males are very distinctive in full breeding plumage, having a black crown and mantle, a bright orange throat with paler chest and underparts, an orange-yellow eyebrow, black wings with a white wing patch, an orange-yellow rump, and a black tail. Non-breeding males have varying levels of yellow. Females are completely dissimilar, with generally buff-brown coloration, with rusty-colored wings, and a two-toned eyering.

This species primarily feeds on insects, and lives in deciduous woodlands. Breeding males sing in repeated melodious whistles. The green-backed flycatcher was formerly considered a subspecies.

There are several subspecies, largely determined by plumage and range variations, at least of which has been split off as separate species.

The Narcissus Flycatcher arrives in Southeast Asia during early May to commence mating behavior. Males arrive before females to prepare a nest that will aid in the selection of a mate as well as shelter. Due to familiarity with the ritual older males typically arrive at the area sooner than younger males.

  • F. n. narcissina, the nominate race, found from Sakhalin south to the Philippines
  • F. n. owstoni, a short-range migrant based in the Ryukyu Islands, breeding males have an olive-green crown and mantle instead of black

The name of the bird is a reference to the yellow color of many varieties of the narcissus flower.

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Category / Seasonal Status

BCST Category: Recorded in an apparently wild state within the last 50 years

BCST Seasonal status: Mainly spring and autumn passage migrant

Scientific classification

Ficedula narcissina

Common names

  • Thai: นกจับแมลงคิ้วเหลือง


  • Ficedula narcissina narcissina

    Range: The nominate race, found from Sakhalin south to the Philippines

  • Ficedula narcissina owstoni

    Range: A short-range migrant based in the Ryukyu Islands, breeding males have an olive-green crown and mantle instead of black

Conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)

Least Concern (IUCN3.1)


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Narcissus flycatcher
Narcissus flycatcher
Narcissus flycatcher
Ficedula narcissina

Range Map

Distribution map of Narcissus flycatcher, Ficedula narcissina in Thailand
  • Bangkok Province
  • Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park
  • Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Klaeng District, Rayong
  • Samae San Island
  • Samut Prakan Province
Range map of Ficedula narcissina in Thailand