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Have you been to Huai Yang Waterfall National Park and seen species not listed here? Please let us know in case, it will be much appreciated!

Lizards (Suborder: Saurina)

Geckos (Family: Gekkonidae)
Rock geckos genus (Genus: Cnemaspis)
Four-clawed geckos (Genus: Gehyra)

Snakes (Suborder: Serpentes)

Pit vipers (Family: Crotalidae)
Green pit vipers (Genus: Trimeresurus, Tropidolaemus)
Colubrid snakes (Family: Colubridae)
Slug-eating snakes (Genus: Asthenodipsas, Pareas)
Racers (Genus: Coelognathus, Oreocryptophis, Orthriophis, Gonyosoma, Rhadinophis)
Kukri snakes (Genus: Oligodon)
Tree snakes (Genus: Chrysopelea)
Whip snakes (Genus: Ahaetulla, Dryophiops)

Amphibians (Order: Anura)

True frogs (Family: Ranidae)
Cascade/sucker frogs (Genus: Amolops)
Fanged frogs (Genus: Limnonectes)
Golden-backed frogs
Odorous frogs (Genus: Odorrana)
True toads (Family: Bufonidae)
Duttaphrynus genus

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