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Wildlife in Similan Islands

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Marine species

Total 57 species

Galean sharks
Carpet sharks (Order: Orectolobiformes)
Ground sharks (Order: Carcharhiniformes)
Stingrays and relatives (Order: Myliobatiformes)
Skates and guitarfishes (Order: Rajiformes)
Ray-finned fishes
Filefishes and pufferfish
Mail-cheeked fishes
Perch-like fishes
Tunas and relatives
Seahorses, Pipefishes and relatives

Birds (Class: Aves)

Total 116 species

Pigeons and doves (Family: Columbidae)
Cuckoos (Family: Cuculidae)
Swifts (Family: Apodidae)
Rails, gallinules, and coots (Family: Rallidae)
Plovers and lapwings (Family: Charadriidae)
Sandpipers and allies (Family: Scolopacidae)
Pratincoles and coursers (Family: Glareolidae)
Skuas and jaegers (Family: Stercorariidae)
Gulls, terns, and skimmers (Family: Laridae, Sternidae)
Storks (Family: Ciconiidae)
Boobies and gannets (Family: Sulidae)
Herons, egrets, and bitterns (Family: Ardeidae)
Ospreys (Family: Pandionidae)
Hawks, eagles, and kites (Family: Accipitridae)
Owls (Family: Strigidae)
Kingfishers, Tree kingfishers (Family: Alcedinidae, Halcyonidae, Cerylidae)
Bee-eaters (Family: Meropidae)
Rollers (Family: Coraciidae)
Barbets (Family: Megalaimidae, Ramphastidae)
Falcons and caracaras (Family: Falconidae)
Pittas (Family: Pittidae)
Ioras (Family: Aegithinidae)
Fantails (Family: Rhipiduridae)
Drongos (Family: Dicruridae)
Crows, jays and magpies (Family: Corvidae)
Cisticolas and allies (Family: Cisticolidae)
Swallows and martins (Family: Hirundinidae)
Bulbuls (Family: Pycnonotidae)
Leaf warblers (Family: Phylloscopidae)
Starlings (Family: Sturnidae)
Thrushes and allies (Family: Turdidae)
Old World flycatchers (Family: Muscicapidae)
Flowerpeckers (Family: Dicaeidae)
Sunbirds and spiderhunters (Family: Nectariniidae)
Old World sparrows (Family: Passeridae)
Wagtails and pipits (Family: Motacillidae)

Mammals (Class: Mammalia)

Primates (Order: Primate)
Macaques (Family: Cercopithecidae, Genus: Macaca)
Lutungs (Family: Cercopithecidae, Genus: Trachypithecus)
Megabats (Family: Pteropodidae, Macroglossinae)

Turtles (Order: Testudines)

Sea and leatherback turtles (Family: Dermochelyidae and Cheloniidae)

Lizards (Suborder: Saurina)

Agamid lizards (Family: Agamidae)
Butterfly lizards (Genus: Leiolepis)
Monitors (Family: Varanidae)

Snakes (Suborder: Serpentes)

Blind snakes (Family: Typhlopidae)
Blind snakes (Genus: Argyrophis, Gerrhopilus, Indotyphlops, Ramphotyphlops)

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