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Western black-bridged leaf turtle

Binomial name: Cyclemys atripons, John B. Iverson & William Patrick McCord, 1997

The western black-bridged leaf turtle (Cyclemys atripons) is a species of Asian leaf turtle found in southern Indochina.


The carapace of this species is reddish brown, ovoid to elongated, with or without fine, radiating, black patterns. The plastron is mostly yellow with or without fine, radiating, black lines. The head is speckled and the throat is yellow. The neck is striped. Hatchlings have wide head and neck stripes and yellow plastrons with large, dark spots. The common name of the species refers to the color of the bridge (the area where the plastron and the carapace meet), which is predominantly yellow with black stripes or entirely black. C. atripons is morphologically almost indistinguishable from C. pulchristiata, the eastern black-bridged leaf turtle.


They are found in Cambodia, Southeast Thailand, and Vietnam (Annam).

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Scientific classification

Cyclemys atripons

Common names

  • German: Gestreifte Dornrandschildkr√∂te
  • English:
    • Black-Bridged leaf turtle
    • Striped leaf turtle


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  • Cyclemys atripons atripons, Holger Vetter & Peter Paul van Dijk (2006)
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  • Cyclemys atripons, John B. Iverson & William Patrick McCord (1997)

Conservation status

Not Evaluated (iucn2.3)

Not Evaluated (iucn2.3)

Cyclemys atripons distribution map

Cyclemys atripons distribution map

Public Domain Dedication

Distribution map of Western black-bridged leaf turtle, Cyclemys atripons in Thailand

Range map of Cyclemys atripons in Thailand

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