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Spiny turtle

In Thai: เต่าจักร, dtao jag

Binomial name: Heosemys spinosa, John Edward Gray, 1830

The spiny turtle (Heosemys spinosa) inhabits lowland and hill rainforest, usually in the vicinity of small streams, mainly in hill areas up to 900 m above sea level.


The origin of its common and specific name is immediately apparent from the sharp, pointed, spiky-edged carapace, and spiny keel, of this unique turtle, also known as the ‘cog-wheel turtle'.


The spiny turtle is known from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.


Mating behaviour appears to be triggered by rain; in captivity, spraying males with water results in them chasing females and attempting to mount. Nothing is known of nesting behaviour in the wild. One, two, or rarely three eggs are laid per clutch; in captivity, laying usually occurs in the night or early morning. Females produce up to three clutches per year. A plastron hinge develops to ease laying. Three captive incubations have succeeded, with durations of 106, 110, and 145 days.

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Scientific classification

Heosemys spinosa

Common names

  • German: Stachelrandschildkröte
  • English: Spiny turtle
  • Thai: เต่าจักร, dtao jag


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Conservation status

Endangered (IUCN2.3)

Endangered (IUCN2.3)

Range Map

Distribution map of Spiny turtle, Heosemys spinosa in Thailand
Range map of Heosemys spinosa in Thailand