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Private Tour | Kui Buri elephant safari, half day

Kui Buri National Park is known to be the best place in Thailand to spot elephants and relatively good chanse to spot gaurs, and that sometimes in big herds. Gaurs are the biggest cattle species and the fourth biggest land-mammal species in the world. Other possible sightings during the tours include sambar deer, banteng and wild boar.


Due to strict regulations this half-day wildlife safari tour doesn't include any hiking activities apart from leaving the vehicle for short walks to viewing areas, we will only be allowed to do safari driving. During our tour we scan the forest edges on grassland areas known to be prime elephant habitat in hope to see mainly elephants and/or gaurs.

Tour itinerary

From 2:30 p.m. till 6 p.m.

Wildlife tours in Kui Buri National Park are strickly regulated and limited to certain hours. After a mandatory registration we will get assigned an open-air vehicle with driver and an assistant. The tour will begin by driving slowly into the reserve on the main dirt road north heading to the main grassland areas. While driving slowly, we will search for any wildlife including birds or any other other smaller as well as bigger animals. Our first stop will be a viewing area where we leave the vehicle in hope to spot wildlife, mainly elephants. We will later on continue to the next viewing area at the end of the road, best known for spotting gaurs, but also elephants and sometimes bantengs.

During the tour, your guide will give you information about the habitat, wildlife and history of the park.

The type of assigned vehicles is open-air pick-up truck driven by locals. It is the Kui Buri National Park's policy to let locals do the driving, a policy that showed to be a success in reducing the poaching in the park.

Where & When?

Kui Buri National Park lies at about 1.5 hours driving from Hua Hin and nearly 4 hours from Bangkok. We can offer private transfers from Bangkok, Hua Hin or other destinations. The park is open all year round.

How much?

These half-day safaris are private tours, please send an inquiry for rates.

Group size Rate per person
1 3,500 THB
2 2,000 THB
3 1,600 THB
4 1,300 THB
5 1,200 THB
6 1,150 THB
7 1,100 THB
8 1,050 THB

Tour rates include:

  • Entrance fees
  • English speaking guide
  • Drinking water

Reviews from our guests

We appreciate your feedback after the tour when booking with us.

Rated 4.77/5 based on 78 customer reviews

By: | posted Mon 30 Mar, 2020

5/5 stars

We highly recommend going to elephant photo safari in Kui Buri National Park. Our guide, Som (hopefully I'm not mispronouncing her name) was very friendly, knowledgeable and did her best to make our experience unforgettable. Thanks to her, the local guide and the driver we saw a family of 7 elephants, a single male and two other elephants. They were all very involved in tracking the animals and Som provided us with some interesting insights into park's wildlife. If you would like to see elephants in Thailand, going to one of the national parks, supporting local economy and seeing these majestic animals in the wild seems to be the only ethical option (at least for me). So called "elephant sanctuaries" seem to be just another way of exploiting them.

Hiring a guide from Tontan is not a must (if you are lucky you may end up visiting the park with a local guide who is involved in his/her job and whose English is decent enough), but we didn't want to risk and we are happy with the way it turned out. The owners were very responsive and accomodating. We also asked them to organize a taxi transfer from/to Hua Hin, which was very good too. All together, a great experience!

By: | posted Tue 24 Mar, 2020

5/5 stars

Had a great time, guides were knowledgable and quick to take me to the hotspots! even though it was the dry season I managed to see plenty of wildlife and a good look at the elephants!

By: | posted Tue 24 Mar, 2020

5/5 stars

We had a truly wonderful experience. Everything worked as promised with pick-ups and all. The English guide we had was great. A huge bonus of course was seeing two elephant herds. Anyone comes that way, I am truly recommending using your service. Thank you for an experience of a lifetime!

By: | posted Wed 4 Mar, 2020

3/5 stars

Easy booking via Internet. Sometimes you get answers during the night and you have a certain time to answer or book... not easy when you are not online all the time.

Payment is via Paypal- which means you have first to register, but then you can pay with creditcard.

Perfect organisation of taxi and tour. We were very lucky with our guide Som, she was really eager to find elefants- though we only saw one single elefant 🐘 wirhin ca 4 hours 😔 we enjoyed the time, the view, the sound of nature...

Tour operator's response

Dear Gerda,

Thank you for your review.

Of course with a last minute booking there is limited time to confirm, we also need the time to arrange the requested services like the transfers and guide etc. That's one reason why the invoices are automatically deactivated if not paid before a certain time.

We can not be online 24 hrs a day ;-) So, we prefer having things arranged before the end of a normal workday. Though nevertheless usually we make exceptions on this on a daily basis, just like in your case. That's why we are usually still at work till (after) midnight...

A shame the elephants did not come out in larger numbers, but well that is nature. One is still better than none.

Thank you for booking with us.

By: | posted Mon 24 Feb, 2020

5/5 stars

Wir hatten eine tolle Tour und haben auch an drei Stellen die wilden Elefanten gesehen, zweimal 6 Elefanten und einmal einen einzelnen Bullen. In weiter Ferne mit dem Fernglas haben wir auch die wilden Rinder (Gaur) gesehen. Die Ranger sind gut per Funk vernetzt, was die Wahrscheinlichkeit der Elefantensichtung erhöht, auch wenn es keine Garantie dafür gibt. Wir können die Tour auf jeden Fall empfehlen!

By: | posted Sun 23 Feb, 2020

5/5 stars

Our guide Billy and a lady I do not know the name of went out of their way to show us elephants and birds. Absolutely lovely. Will book again!

By: | posted Sat 22 Feb, 2020

5/5 stars

Wonderful afternoon, perfect arrangements and a great guide. Thank you!

By: | posted Tue 18 Feb, 2020

5/5 stars

The guide Soom was very professional and knew a lot about the habitat.

We were lucky to see 10 elephants eating and drinking - a perfect tour.

By: | posted Wed 12 Feb, 2020

5/5 stars

Kui Buri National Park surpassed expectations. The pick up from the hotel was seamless. The safari guide was exceptional.

By: | posted Wed 5 Feb, 2020

2/5 stars

Kui Buri National Park: unfortunately we didn't see any elephants nor any other animals except very few birds..... tour guide ok - but we would not go again... better visit the zoo....

Tour operator's response

Dear Hans,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear you had no luck with the elephants. It's sad it had to happen to you, but it's good we (and especially those who read this page that intend to book) are reminded again that even Kui Buri offers no 100% guarantees. Even with the amount of experience we have in other national parks of Thailand, knowing very well how unpredictable wildlife can be, we sometimes forget that even the elephants in Kui Buri can at times decide to stay hidden. You are the first in the list of currently 69 reviews on this page that did not see elephants. And from memory, I think you are the second group in all the years that we offer tours in Kui Buri (since June 2015) that missed out. Surely not all our guests have seen big numbers, some days it might only be one lonesome bull elephant, but next day there might be several large herds adding up to over 30 elephants. Sometimes they only allow distant views, other times they come right up to the vehicle. It's nature, and sadly we were reminded about that again after your trip. If also the Gaur stayed out of view, I'd think something must have been 'in the air'.

Hopefully you have better luck on future wildlife watching trips!

So, thank you for sharing your experience.

Tour details in short:

  • Duration: 0.5 day
  • Type: Private tour
  • Price: 1,050 to 3,500 THB per person
  • Group size: 1 or more people
  • Grade: Easy
  • Transport: Safari vehicle
  • Start: 2:30 p.m.
  • End: 6 p.m.

What to bring

  • Rain clothing
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunblock lotion
  • Hat or cap
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Elephant in Kui Buri National Park

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