Thai National Parks

Currently there are some restrictions to enter certain protected sites in Thailand due to ongoing covid-19 situation. Most parks are open with very few still having some restrictions. The restrictions varies from park to park. Follow this link for an up to date situation report.

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Private taxi/minivan options

Taxi from Hua Hin to Kui Buri elephant watching area

Private Tour - Half day taxi service from Hua Hin to elephant watching area of Kui Buri National Park, from 1,600 Baht.

From 1,600 - 2,800 THB

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Public services

There are no public services to Kui Buri National Park. There are train and minivan services to Kui Buri Town from Bangkok and Hua Hin, but the town is 30 km from the national park. It is possible to rent a car from Hua Hin and drive there, other alternatives are taxi services or via tour operators.

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