Thai National Parks

Taxi/minivan Hua Hin - Kui Buri National Park

Our regular taxis are space-wagons for up to 3-5 people, minivans are for bigger groups up to 7-10 people, all depending on amount of luggage.

It is possible to book a round-trip within the same day, the driver will stay with you until the evening. Round-trip over different days are quoted as two single trips.

This taxi service is not a tour package, the taxi drivers will only drive to the visitor center or any resorts near the national park.

Hua Hin to Kui Buri National Park (100 km, 1h 30min)

The listed price we are offering are around market price, up to 50% cheaper than transportation that hotels arranges. This trip is to national park headquarters only.

Hua Hin Kui Buri National Park Space-wagon 3-5 1600 THB 2200 THB
Hua Hin Kui Buri National Park Minivan 7-10 2000 THB 2500 THB