Thai National Parks

Taxi/minivan Bangkok - Kanchanaburi, Erawan Waterfalls or Hellfire Pass

The sedan taxi transfers we offer are for maximum 2-3 people, space-wagons are for up to 3-5 people, minivans are for bigger groups up to 10-12 people, all depending on amount of luggage.

The private transfer destinations are;

  • Erawan Falls in Erawan National Park
  • Any hotels between Kanchanaburi and Hellfire Pass/Erawan Falls
  • Kanchanaburi

It is possible to book a round-trip within the same day. Round-trip over different days are quoted as two single trips.

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi (150km, 2h 20min)

The listed price we are offering are around standard price, up to 50% cheaper than transportation that hotels arranges.

Bangkok Kanchanaburi Sedan (2-3 pax) 2000 THB 3000 THB
Bangkok Kanchanaburi Space-wagon (4-5 pax) 2200 THB 3200 THB
Bangkok Kanchanaburi Minivan (7-10 pax) 3100 THB 3500 THB

(*) The driver will wait for you up until 6 p.m. You will be returned to your hotel after 6 pm.

Bangkok to Ewaran Falls (220-240km, 3h)

Bangkok Ewaran Falls Sedan (2-3 pax) 2300 THB 3300 THB
Bangkok Ewaran Falls Space-wagon (4-5 pax) 2500 THB 3500 THB
Bangkok Ewaran Falls Minivan (7-10 pax) 3700 THB 4200 THB

With same day round-trip, both Erawan Falls and Hellfire Pass can be visited for additional 500 Baht on top of quotes above/below. The round-trip service will be up until 6pm at any of attractions.

Bangkok to Hellfire Pass (220-240km, 3h)

FromToTypeOne wayRound-trip
Bangkok Hellfire Pass Sedan (2-3 pax) 2300 THB 3300 THB
Bangkok Hellfire Pass Space-wagon (4-5 pax) 2500 THB 3500 THB
Bangkok Hellfire Pass Minivan (7-10 pax) 3700 THB 4200 THB

Bangkok to Resotel Pier (210-230km, 3h)

FromToTypeOne way
Bangkok Resotel Pier Sedan (2-3 pax) 2300 THB
Bangkok Resotel Pier Space-wagon (4-5 pax) 2500 THB
Bangkok Resotel Pier Minivan (7-10 pax) 3700 THB