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Green mountain racer

Thai: งูทางมะพร้าวเขียว

Binomial name: Gonyosoma prasinum, Edward Blyth, 1854

Rhadinophis prasinus (Green Trinket Snake, Green Bush Rat Snake or Green Ratsnake) is a species of colubrid snake found in Asia.


Rostral a little broader than deep, just visible from above; suture between the internasals a little shorter than that between the prefrontals; frontal as long as its distance from the end of the snout, shorter than the parietals; loreal square or longer than deep; one or two preoculars; temporals 1+2 or 2+2; upper labials 9, fourth, fifth, and sixth entering the eye; 5 lower labials in contact with the anterior chin-shields, which are as long as the posterior or a little longer. Scales in 19 rows, the 9 to 11 middle rows feebly keeled m the adult, smooth in the young. Ventrals with a lateral keel, 198 to 206; anal entire or divided; subcaudals 100-107. Uniform bright green above; upper lip and lower surface yellowish or greenish white. Total length 3 feet: tail 9 inches.


Its habitat ranges include Bangladesh, India (Darjeeling, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Burma (also known as Myanmar), northern Thailand, west Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, China (Yunnan, Guizhou, Hainan) and Philippines.

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Scientific classification

Gonyosoma prasinum

Common names

  • German:
    • Grüne Strauchnatter
    • Grüne Spitzkopfnatter
  • English:
    • Green trinket snake
    • Green mountain racer
    • Green tree racer
    • Green bush rat snake
    • Green ratsnake
  • Thai: งูทางมะพร้าวเขียว


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  • Coluber prasinus, Edward Blyth (1854)
Green trinket snake

Green trinket snake


Rhadinophis prasinus

Rhadinophis prasinus


Distribution map of Green mountain racer, Gonyosoma prasinum in Thailand

Range map of Gonyosoma prasinum in Thailand

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