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Boonsong's keelback

Binomial name: Isanophis boonsongi (Edward Harrison Taylor & Robert E. Elbel, 1958)

Boonsong's keelback (Opisthotropis boonsongi ) is a species of snake in the family Colubridae. It is endemic to Thailand.

Geographic range

O. boonsongi is known only from Loei Province in northeastern Thailand although it may occur in Laos, southern China and Vietnam. It is found in sub-montane forests and may be aquatic or semi-aquatic, feeding on frogs and fishes.


The specific name, boonsongi, commemorates Thai zoologist and conservationist Dr. Boonsong Lekagul.

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Scientific classification

Isanophis boonsongi

Common names

  • German: Boonsongs Bachnatter
  • English: Boomsong’s stream snake


  • Isanophis boonsongi, Patrick David et al. (2015)
  • Parahelicops boonsongi, Tanya Chan-Ard et al. (2015)
  • Parahelicops boonsongi, Van Stanley Bartholomew Wallach et al. (2014)
  • Opisthotrophis boonsongi, Patrick David et al. (2011)
  • Parahelicops boonsongi, Patrick David et al. (2004)
  • Opisthotrophis [sic] boonsongi, Tanya Chan-Ard et al. (1999)
  • Opisthotrophis sic boonsongi, Tanya Chan-Ard et al. (1999)
  • Opisthotropis boonsongi, Peter Paul Van Dijk et al. (1998)
  • Opisthotropis boonsongi, Merel J. Cox (1995)
  • Parahelicops boonsongi, Merel J. Cox (1991)
  • Opisthotropis boonsongi, Walter Creighton Brown & Alan E. Leviton (1961)
  • Parahelicops boonsongi, Taylor & Elbel (1958)

Boonsong's keelback is found in following locations in Thailand

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  • Dan Sai District
  • Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary

Conservation status

Data Deficient (IUCN2.3)

Data Deficient (IUCN2.3)

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Distribution map of Boonsong's keelback, Isanophis boonsongi in Thailand
  • Dan Sai District
  • Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary

Range map of Isanophis boonsongi in Thailand

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