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List of birds of Thailand

Please note that although this list is covering most of birds in Thailand, around 45 of birds listed here are rare and/or accidental, some may even been extinct.

(x/y states nr of photos/video clips)

Family: Pellorneidae

Family: Cettiidae

Family: Psittaculidae

Family: Phylloscopidae

Family: Falconidae

Family: Pycnonotidae

Family: Dicruridae

Family: Campephagidae

Family: Cisticolidae

Family: Columbidae

Family: Artamidae

Family: Strigidae

Family: Muscicapidae

Family: Scolopacidae

Family: Cuculidae

Family: Irenidae

Family: Sturnidae

Family: Ploceidae

Family: Hirundinidae

Family: Ciconiidae

Family: Apodidae

Family: Monarchidae

Family: Bucerotidae

Family: Anatidae

Family: Rallidae

Family: Picidae

Family: Eurylaimidae

Family: Halcyonidae

Family: Phasianidae

Family: Pittidae

Family: Leiothrichidae

Family: Tytonidae

Family: Turnicidae

Family: Accipitridae

Family: Burhinidae

Family: Sittidae

Family: Ardeidae

Family: Corvidae

Family: Sternidae

Family: Turdidae

Family: Megalaimidae

Family: Acrocephalidae

Family: Emberizidae

Family: Threskiornithidae

Family: Fringillidae

Family: Laridae

Family: Oriolidae

Family: Podicipedidae

Family: Timaliidae

Family: Aegithalidae

Family: Sylviidae

Family: Nectariniidae

Family: Recurvirostridae

Family: Alcedinidae

Family: Meropidae

Family: Chloropseidae

Family: Podargidae

Family: Motacillidae

Family: Jacanidae

Family: Sulidae

Family: Locustellidae

Family: Cinclidae

Family: Laniidae

Family: Zosteropidae

Family: Estrildidae

Family: Fregatidae

Family: Trogonidae

Family: Gruidae

Family: Aegithinidae

Family: Charadriidae

Family: Tephrodornithidae

Family: Dromadidae

Family: Cerylidae

Family: Hemiprocnidae

Family: Dicaeidae

Family: Coraciidae

Family: Passeridae

Family: Remizidae

Family: Acanthizidae

Family: Ramphastidae

Family: Phalacrocoracidae

Family: Caprimulgidae

Family: Paridae

Family: Rostratulidae

Family: Stenostiridae

Family: Upupidae

Family: Alaudidae

Family: Rynchopidae

Family: Prionopidae

Family: Stercorariidae

Family: Indicatoridae

Family: Rhipiduridae

Family: Pachycephalidae

Family: Heliornithidae

Family: Anhingidae

Family: Glareolidae

Family: Pandionidae

Family: Pnoepygidae

Family: Eupetidae

Family: Phaethontidae

Family: Procellariidae

Family: Certhiidae

Family: Pelecanidae

Family: Hydrobatidae

Family: Vireonidae

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