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Taxi/minivan Pattaya - Khao Yai

Our our taxi services are private means no others will join you. The quotes below are per taxi (not per person) and includes fuel, eventual tollway fees. No tips needed, there won't be any hidden costs on top of what agreed. We work with a group of honest taxi drivers we trust.

One way transfer

Please send an inquiry for more info or book. Quotes from Khao Yai back to Pattaya is same.

Pattaya to Khao Yai (300 km, 4 hours)

Pattaya Khao Yai MPV/MUV 4 3,500 THB
Pattaya Khao Yai Minivan 7 5,000 THB

* Additional charges may apply if your hotel is over 20km further east in Khao Yai area.

Khao Yai to Pattaya (300 km, 4 hours)

Khao Yai Pattaya MPV/MUV 4 3,600 THB
Khao Yai Pattaya Minivan 7 5,200 THB

* Additional charges may apply if your hotel is over 20km further east in Khao Yai area.

Full day service

A full day service in Khao Yai with start from a hotel in Pattaya will be 4,500 Baht (up to 4 people with luggage) or 5,500 Baht (up to 7 people with luggage). The earliest pick up time will be 7am, service at the attractions until 6pm, after 6pm to be returned to hotel in Khao Yai or in Bangkok (not back to Pattaya). A trip that starts in a hotel in Khao Yai and finish at a hotel in Pattaya will be quoted same, but service at the attractions will be up until 4 pm.

A full day service in Khao Yai with start and end at a hotel in Khao Yai a will be 3,500 Baht with a MPV/MUV (up to 4 people or 5 people with no luggage) or 4,100 Baht with a minivan (up to 7 people with luggage, or 10 people with no luggage).

A 30 Baht per person insurance fee will be added to the full day services.

For details, please visit this our Bangkok to Khao Yai page.

Reviews from our guests

We appreciate your feedback after the tour when booking with us.

About: Hua Hin - Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

By: , Singapore | posted Tue 17 Oct, 2017

My friends and I took the full day taxi service to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park with driver Mai in Hua Hin and very much enjoyed our trip! He was on time to pick us up in the morning and the rest of the day went well & smooth. The booking through the website was also very well managed with prompt replies to our queries. Highly recommend!

About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Singapore | posted Sat 14 Oct, 2017

Yes but we feel the cows seem to be under-fed and the horses looked tired and the distance too long.

Tour operator's response

First of all, we are quite sensitive about animals well being. If you re-visit our taxi details page for Khao Yai, there you will see that we don't offer any taxi service to the only zoo in Khao Yai or to any elephant farms. Every couple of weeks we refuse taxi service to someone who want taxi service to such places.

We have sent thousands guests to Farm Chokchari, never before anyone was negative about animals conditions there.

When I first came to Thailand many years ago, I too was critical about cows while driving around, but the more I drove around the country, I saw that cows in this country are perhaps genetically more skinny. I did a bit googling, and reading about skinny cows, all I find is that dairy cows shouldn't be mixed with beef cows, that dairy cows are generally more skinny. The common species here in Thailand seems to be more skinny than species in some other countries.

Please search "Thailand cow" on Google and click the image tab to see photos of cows displayed, and you will see what I mean.

We will contact Farm Chokchai and let them know about your critics, at least about the horses conditions. We are keen to get there and see with our on eyes.

I am not sure what you mean with long distance, do you mean the animals were too far away from the fences to be seen or the distance of the farm from Bangkok or other attractions? Did you book a tour? If no tour booked, you may not be allowed to walk around, only have limited access around shopping/restaurant area. We never got any negative feedback about this before.


About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Myanmar | posted Sun 8 Oct, 2017

The driver arrived earlier than we expected. Most importantly he is professional, accommodating and very friendly. Although he speaks very little english we can see his every effort to communicate with us for seamless trip. The van is also clean and comfortable. Not to mention the booking process is prompt and the customer service is second to non. Overall it was such a nice experience. Will definitely use this service again.

About: Krabi - Khao Sok National Park

By: | posted Sat 7 Oct, 2017

The Park is amazing and our transfer was pontual picking us up at krabi pior.

About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Japan | posted Fri 6 Oct, 2017

Email replying is faster than expectation.

About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Malaysia | posted Thu 5 Oct, 2017


About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Singapore | posted Mon 2 Oct, 2017

The driver was really nice and sweet to us during the whole journey, and we especially enjoyed the scenery and the trip to the Secret Art Garden in Khao Yai. It was a relaxing trip and we would definitely come back again someday!

About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Malaysia | posted Sat 30 Sep, 2017

Good services .Well done for Mr Phoon. Moreover Mr Phoon is a friendly person and kind toward to the customer .

About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Singapore | posted Mon 25 Sep, 2017

We like Somkid's services. Although he is queit person, but his cheerful smiling always brighten our days.

He was always standby at the waiting points, regardless which interesting places we visited, either we stayed long or short at those places.

Good job, Somkid!

About: Bangkok - Khao Yai

By: , Singapore | posted Thu 21 Sep, 2017

Hihi Overall ok - only one item to highlight is Mr Somkid don't talk - whole journey very quiet

Otherwise perfect. He is polite and well mannered