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Striped ringneck

Binomial name: Gongylosoma baliodeirum (Friedrich Boie, 1827)

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Scientific classification

Gongylosoma baliodeirum

Common names

  • German: Gestreifte Halsbandnatter
  • English: Striped ringneck (G. b. baliodeirus), Cochran’s ringneck (G. b. cochranae), Boie's smooth snake
  • Thai: งูสายทองลายแถบ (G. b. baliodeirus), งูสายทองจันทบุรี (G. b. cochranae)


  • Gongylosoma baliodeirus baliodeirus (Friedrich Boie, 1827) - South Thailand

    Common name(s): Striped ringneck

  • Gongylosoma baliodeirus cochranae (Edward Harrison Taylor, 1962) - East Thailand

    Common name(s): Cochran’s ringneck


  • Gongylosoma baliodeirum, Tanya Chan-Ard et al. (2015)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeira, Van Stanley Bartholomew Wallach et al. (2014)
  • Gongylosoma balodeirum sic, Indraneil Das & Norsham S. Yaakob (2007)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeira, Olivier Sylvain Gérard Pauwels (2003)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeirum, Rudolf Malkmus et al. (2002)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeirum, Tanya Chan-Ard et al. (1999)
  • Liopeltis baliodeirus, Ulrich Manthey & Wolfgang Grossmann (1997)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeirum, Patrick David & Gernot Vogel (1996)
  • Liopeltis baliodeira baliodeira, Kenneth R. G. Welch (1988)
  • Liopeltis baliodeira, Michael Wilmer Forbes Tweedie (1983)
  • Liopeltis baliodeirus, Ulrich Manthey (1983)
  • Liopeltis baliodeira, Alice Georgie Cruickshank Grandison (1978)
  • Liopeltis baliodeirus, Alice Georgie Cruickshank Grandison (1972)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeirum, Alan E. Leviton (1964)
  • Liopeltis baliodeirus (baliodeirus), Edward Harrison Taylor (1962)
  • Liopeltis baliodeirus, Georg Haas (1950)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeirum, Malcolm Arthur Smith (1931)
  • Ablabes baliodirus, Theodorus Willem van Lidth de Jeude (1922)
  • Liopeltis baliodirus, Thomas Barbour (1912)
  • Liopeltis baliodirum, Thomas Barbour (1912)
  • Ablabes baliodeirus, George Albert Boulenger (1894)
  • Diadophis baliodirus, Theodorus Willem van Lidth de Jeude (1890)
  • Ablabes baliodirus var. cinctus, Johann Gustav Fischer (1886)
  • Diadophis baliodeirus, Giorgio Jan (1866)
  • Ablabes baliodirus, Albert Charles Lewis Günther (1864)
  • Diadophis baliodeirus, Giorgio Jan (1863)
  • Ablabes baliodeirus, André Marie Constant Duméril & Gabriel Bibron (1854)
  • Gongylosoma baliodeirum, Leopold Fitzinger (1843)
  • Coronella baliodeira, Hermann Schlegel (1837)
  • Coronella baliodeira, Friedrich Boie (1827)

Striped ringneck is found in following locations in Thailand

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  • Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Waeng District, Narathiwat

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Distribution map of Striped ringneck, Gongylosoma baliodeirum in Thailand
  • Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Waeng District, Narathiwat

Range map of Gongylosoma baliodeirum in Thailand

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