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Short-limbed supple skink

Binomial name: Lygosoma quadrupes (Carolus Linnaeus, 1766)

Lygosoma quadrupes (short-limbed supple skink or Linnaeus' writhing skink) is a species of skink which is found widely in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, southern China, Hong Kong, West Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Salayar), and the Philippines (Palawan, Calamian Islands)).

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Scientific classification

Lygosoma quadrupes

Common names

  • German: Asiatischer Schlankskink
  • English: Short-limbed supple skink, Linnaeus' writhing skink


  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Thomas Ziegler et al. (2007)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Maren Gaulke (1999)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Merel J. Cox et al. (1998)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Ulrich Manthey & Wolfgang Grossmann (1997)
  • Gongylus brachypoda, Norman Frank & Erica Ramus (1995)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Walter C. Brown & Angel Chua Alcala (1980)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Allen Eddy Greer (1970)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Edward Harrison Taylor (1963)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Malcolm Arthur Smith (1935)
  • Lygosoma quadrupes, Doris Mable Cochran (1930)
  • Lygosoma chalcides, George Albert Boulenger (1887)
  • Eumeces chalcides, Joseph Leidy (1884)
  • Lygosoma brachypoda, Johann Ludwig Christian Gravenhorst (1851)
  • Lygosoma abdominalis, John Edward Gray (1839)
  • Lygosoma brachypoda, André Marie Constant Duméril & Gabriel Bibron (1839)
  • Podophis quadrupes, Arend Friedrich August Wiegmann (1834)
  • Seps pentadactylus, François Marie Daudin (1802)
  • Scincus brachypus, Johann Gottlob Theaenus Schneider (1799)
  • Lacerta serpens, Marcus Elieser Bloch (1776)
  • Anguis quadrupes, Carolus Linnaeus (1766)

Short-limbed supple skink is found in following locations in Thailand

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Distribution map of Short-limbed supple skink, Lygosoma quadrupes in Thailand

Range map of Lygosoma quadrupes in Thailand

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